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"A school for adults, that your inner child always dreamed of."


Founder of The Transcendent School of Christ; Freedom Franklin is a Teacher, Mentor, Public Speaker & Prophetess, that has cultivated an online ministry-school of Christ, for Multidimensional Christians to grow & to prosper during this pivotal time in history. 

This school has a strong emphasis on rehabilitating those indoctrinated with False Light programming through the New Age, Ascension community and/or Religion. All teachings are based on Freedom's direct communion with Jesus Christ, as well as the Holy Scriptures. We are having so much fun proving the Supernatural POWERS & multiple dimensions of the Godhead and the Heavenly realms! Celestial beings are safe here!

Discover an ordained, multi-dimensional, online education system, that you have never experienced before, with incredible community members. Take the leap into The Oasis Premium membership to partake in sacred exchange for exclusive content for $33/month. 

We uphold the values of Integrity, Transparency, Honesty, Reverence & Honor Culture, we play BIG GAMES and we deeply love & support one another, through all of our shared experiences during this mass awakening of Humankind. Please do not treat this space as another social media platform, remember this is an online Ministry-School. So take your shoes off, wash your hands & feet and enter the House of God. Did you hear the bell? School is in!

Mahalo for your grace, 

Freedom Franklin 

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